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Time With Natalie – Interview With Janet Maye (Esther Community Resources)

On this week’s show I interview Janet Maye from Esther Community Resources.

Esther Community Resources (ECR) is a charitable voluntary organisation which serves the community by offering two services; the first, providing emergency food and support to people who are experiencing a sudden change in their personal circumstances. ECR strongly believe in reducing the waste reduction of supermarkets where food that has reached near there “sell by date” is needlessly thrown away. Therefore with partnering with stores such as Marks & Spencer,Pret-a-Manger, EAT the food company, Sainsbury and recently The Co-operative Society, they are able to distribute 700 tonnes of food per month to the community.

Food is also donated by other food suppliers and the general public which provides meals for families that are going through financial hardship.

Their beneficiaries are one parent families, the homeless, asylum seekers and families on a low income. ECR fosters the initiative of H.O.P.E


Their second service aims to empower young people to achieve their full potential. This is done through a holistic approach which will encompass their emotional, physical, mental and social needs within their own environment and within society as a whole. Their slogan “I CAN” Improve.Challenge.Affirm and Nurture is an ECR promise of what they hope to achieve working with their client group.

The 1 for 1 Campaign has been launched which builds a collaborative response to the needs of the whole child. This campaign is an inexpensive way for individuals to be a part of the mission with a tax deductible donation of 2GBP a month or 1 USD per pay period. One of their initiatives targets the growing national epidemic of childhood poverty and obesity and they have partnered with a billion dollar company to see that no child goes without. They have set a personal goal to feed 1 million healthy meals to children to support their nutritional needs and journey to begin a healthier lifestyle. They will empower families and communities to live a healthier lifestyle and break the cycle of abuse and poverty.