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It’s Time To Talk Films – Belle

These events are for those who want to be educated and inspired by the latest films backed up by Time To Talk sessions where you learn from the lessons and stories in major feature films and how it can help you live a fulfilling and balanced life.

It’s a great opportunity to come together as a group and watch a film, in conjunction with a variety of other activities designed to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of what you have seen.

We have special guest speakers joining us and give their take on the lessons from the film along with a discussion/interview and plenty of fun and enjoyment.  You will leave feeling, inspired, educated and entertained, with useful tips that you can use in your every day life.

The film events are held in London, Birmingham and Manchester and this month we pre-screened the film BELLE in London.

Belle is inspired by the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mabatha-Raw), the illegitimate mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral. Raised by her aristocratic great-uncle Lord Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson) and his wife (Emily Watson), Belle’s lineage affords her certain privileges, yet the color of her skin prevents her from fully participating in the traditions of her social standing.

Left to wonder if she will ever find love, Belle falls for an idealistic young vicar’s son bent on change who, with her help, shapes Lord Mansfield’s role as Lord Chief Justice to end slavery in England.

This event is perfect for those who want to be inspired and motivated whilst being part of a uniquely entertaining experience. It doesn’t matter what background you come from as long as you are willing to learn and have fun in an open and friendly environment.

As well as giving you the chance to enjoy inspirational films, these events are designed to unlock your understanding and highlight lessons that you can use to help you to manage your time and balance your everyday life.

At each event:

  • Sit back, relax and enjoy a full screening of the movie
  • Next up will be a film related discussion where you will learn from the main themes in the  film
  • We will end with an opportunity for you to network with the audience and chat with our exhibitors

Are You Ready To Put Yourself  In The Picture?

This event is perfect for anyone who wants to be inspired and motivated whilst being part of a uniquely entertaining experience. It doesn’t matter what background you come from as long as you are willing to learn and have fun in an open and friendly environment.

See you at the movies!

Film Feedback

“Firstly a huge thank you for arranging this event, its fantastic that you give us the opportunity to see such thought provoking and inspirational films. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and came away with a lot of knowledge.

The paradoxes of the movie were interesting twist, the fact Dido/Belle had wealth and yet no real status and her, but very ungentle manly men were considered gentlemen because that had money. Also he white cousin was the one without a dowry and some senses it made a pleasant change, but highlighted the fact even with wealth the colour of one skin overrides every thing.

Although the film portrayed Dido/Belle as equal to her cousin, I did not think the portrait depict that. Their clothing told a different story. Dido/Belle may have enjoyed many privileges in the Mansfield home, her colour was always at the forefront. We get a snippet by the fact she was not allowed to dine with guest and I rather suspect with the family as a whole.

It was also heart warming to know that the Earl Mansfield’s love for Belle swayed his opinion of slaves, once again it shows that love is a conqueror. Thank you for opening my eyes to a very interesting part of history.” Valerie

“I really enjoyed the film Belle. It’s a powerful movie that expresses unconditional love and a determination to fight for what is right. The writer/director cleverly challenges issues in gender equality with good humour making it a feel good movie. The acting is captivating. Definitely worth watching.” Denise

“Thank you for inviting Errol and myself to the screening of Belle. The honour was all ours. We thoroughly enjoyed the film which has been a constant debate ever since – for example :-
  • Dido combing her hair
  • Why did she felt the need to even consider enslaving herself by marrying into such a family when she didn’t need to. She had money of her own?
  • Would Dido and John really be able to kiss so openly in the street?
  • Why didn’t Dido scream when she was been openly molested by the evil brother?
  • Could Dido really walk into the chamber and be able to enter the court room and not receive ridicule for being a women and more importantly black as there were many  devastated  from the loss of slave insurance claim?
Whilst giving his decision, Lord Mansfield made reference to human life, live stock or slaves – as if to suggest that slaves were not in the same category as humans – some strong debate going on there. Just loving the debates.

We ordinarily tend to avoid films like this – simply cannot handle the feelings of being negative, hostile and helpless. And having to face the truth of what really took place. Being made to watch every episode Roots as a child was enough to last me a life time. We loved the film Belle. The struggle to find her identity was very well addressed within film without violence or rape. We left the studios feeling uplifted and on a high. We are intrigue to know how Dido continued her life and what acceptance/hardships her, John and her boys had in lives. Please may that be the sequel.

We thank Amma for her research, her pain, her perseverance and her talent. Amazing story that has left us wanting more. More please! Thank you.” Daisy & Errol
“Thanks again Natalie for hosting this event.  It was a fantastic film.  I would give it an A-Star!!! My mum and I had a great evening out which was an added bonus.  It was one of those films where if I had gone to the cinema, when it ended, I would have gone to see it again, immediately. It was THAT good.  It was also very kind for Amma to grace us with her presence she is a true inspiration. Keep bringing us great films girl, it really makes a difference.” Karen

“I’d just like to ‘shout out loud ‘what a fantastic event! What a lovely intimate evening watching a beautiful film, with taste and class.  A film that makes you smile, laugh and cry and shout, don’t marry him!! She married the right man in the end! Thank you for sharing, a must watch film and yes, I will buy the DVD!” Bina

“This is the second of your events I attend (the first was the Mandela movie in Hackney).

I really liked the venue, (very comfy chairs!) and your warm welcoming, I thought the free popcorn and drinks was a nice touch too.

I really enjoyed the movie, it made me laugh & cry, curse & smile, but most of all reinforced my believe that love does conquer all. The movie left me thinking of the possible conflict a child of mine might have, as he/she would also be mixed race. One of the ladies in the audience described herself as growing up and being “different”, that also raised so many questions, because I never looked at my partners, his children and my friends and thought they were different.

Anyway thank you for giving me and my friend Virginia the chance to be part of your event and I look forward to attend more.” Claudia

“Great location and comfortable surroundings. It was amazing to see the director and have the opportunity to ask questions – very inspiring. I love period dramas and this was great that it featured a black lead.  The story was well written and entertaining. Loved every minute of it.” Carlene

“An absolutely amazing film… the range of emotions it evoked was astounding.  I was completely engaged within the first 15mins (trust me, this is a rarity for me these days) and even though the subject the film focused on was a little hard hitting, it was dealt with in a subtle manner, but surprisingly enough was still very powerful and the message came across well. On a separate note, I thought the screening was very well organised and I would like to thank you once again. A truly enjoyable evening.” Angela

“Thank you for inviting us. I will give BELLE 5 STARS!!!! It was BRILLIANT. Congrats to the team that put this film together. For me I learnt no matter your back ground, colour of your skin you have to love who you are and not look down on people. I loved it.” Nana

“The film is filled with amazing actors, who truly make the film a great historical period film.  The casting for the movie Belle istruly perfect, and the actors do not disappoint, from the start of the movie till the end.  Additionally you won’t be able to help but get into the movie, and you’ll be waiting to see what will happen in the end. Directed by award winning Amma Asante a job well done.” Brenda

“Thank you again for hosting a lovely evening last week Friday and for giving me the chance to see such a wonderful film. I really enjoyed the film, Belle. I found it captivating and very moving. It was powerful to see slavery (or its impact at least) depicted in a UK setting in a film which is very rare indeed, and I found it really illuminating in many respects. Thank you again for organising such a great evening, and I would welcome the opportunity to attend other events in future.” Eulette

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to see Belle, an absolutely riveting and thought provoking film. For me, what struck me most was the love that was shown to Belle..something that would have been unheard of in those times.  Notwithstanding the initial prejudices, all members of her “family”, in one way or another,  came to love, protect and care for her deeply and I  believe this enabled her to pursue her own love – unconventional as it was.

It really was a wonderful story, beautifully told, and the fact that it was true is simply remarkable.  I shall never again visit Kenwood without thinking of Belle. Amma Asante did a phenomenal job! Thank you again.” Beverley
“I really enjoyed the film and it was an added bonus and lovely surprise that Amma Asante was there too. I love the fact it was a powerful drama but combined the romance and childhood relationships all at the same time. The event was really well organised and I look forward to hearing about other events. Finally I want to wish you and the company every success, you are doing a great job.” Jennifer

“I would say that this was a good event and hopefully there will be more opportunities for screenings films in limited release to see that explore subjects which are interesting to discuss. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to see this wonderful film on preview. I had already seen a promo and said I would go and see it.

“Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to see the director but Belle gave me insight into a piece of history that I was never aware of. Why was this courageous woman’s story never taught in our schools? A wonderful, inspiring, film that gave insight to a period in English history where culture, class and character paid significant importance to making a difference in the lives of those who were seen by a society as less than worthy. Natalie,  absolutely love these intimate film showings. Keep up the great work and be encouraged. You are clearly living your dream and making a difference.” Pamela
“I would say that the point Amma made about the people back then were enslaved and not slaves is one that people tend to forget and should remember. I had been researching mixed race/black people within art during that pre raphaelite, early 18th – 19th century era for a self initiated project i’m working on, and saw the Dido Elizabeth Belle painting, so when I found out that it was made into a film it was exciting, but also interesting to see how Amma’s interpretation of her life would be.” Sarah
“Thank you for the opportunity to see Belle and actually see a face behind the storyline. The director was poised and passionate about her movie! I found the film refreshing. I enjoyed how the female characters in the main household got on well with each other despite the fact that they all had different social statuses. They did not let the outside community/society affect the relationships that they had with each other. For example belle’ s aunt could have easily mistreated all the other women in the house for being a) unmarried like the spinster aunt b) penniless like the niece with a rolling stone father c) mixed heritage like belle.
They all supported each other and weren’t competing. It was refreshing to see female friendship without the dreaded “frenemy” element. They were united simply because they were all women, not because they were united against a man that did them wrong like in all modern movies.  If anything the roles were reversed; the men were bitchy and the women were reasonable for once. Thank you again for the opportunity!” Jasmine

“Thank you for organising this event. It was very professional and having food and drink available to all who attended was very generous. It was also good that you invited the director of the film to say a few words. I am glad to have signed up and I look forward to attending more of your events.” Sharon

“The film was most enjoyable. It must have been traumatic for Belle, taken from one family to another with so much opposition all around. Money does  talk. I liked how Belle’s Papa was portrayed as someone who takes no nonsense and how his wife made him reflect/ remember how he was when younger. Added bonus having the chance to meet the Director. Thank you for inviting me, look forward to more screenings.” Andria

“Thank you so much Natalie for organising the event  I thoroughly enjoyed the welcome, the generosity of the Director to come and talk with us beforehand and the film was positive and uplifting.   I think many people in Britain think that black people came to Britain in the late forties and fifties and this film would have been an education.   The power of love and wealth were a strong theme.  The two things that often change the course of humanity.” Marita
“I am so sorry I missed this screening and the opportunity to speak to Amma Asante. I saw the film last week and was so impressed with the portrayal. It was such a balanced story, beautifully told. I thought it was remarkable that Ms Asante managed to sensitively convey the stories of both the uncle and Belle without leaving us taking one side or the other. I truly feel films like this have served a greater purpose when they unite rather than divide; and ‘Belle’ certainly achieved this.” Katrinah
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