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It’s Time To Talk Films – Selma

These events are for those who want to be educated and inspired by the latest films backed up by Time To Talk sessions where you learn from the lessons and stories in major feature films and how it can help you live a fulfilling and balanced life.

It’s a great opportunity to come together as a group and watch a film, in conjunction with a variety of other activities designed to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of what you have seen.

We have special guest speakers joining us and give their take on the lessons from the film along with a discussion/interview and plenty of fun and enjoyment.  You will leave feeling, inspired, educated and entertained, with useful tips that you can use in your every day life.

The film events are held in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester and this month we pre-screened the film SELMA.

SELMA is the story of a movement. The film chronicles the tumultuous three-month period in 1965, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a dangerous campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of violent opposition. The epic march from Selma to Montgomery culminated in President Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the most significant victories for the civil rights movement.  Director Ava DuVernay’s SELMA tells the real story of how the revered leader and visionary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (David Oyelowo) and his brothers and sisters in the movement prompted change that forever altered history.

This event is perfect for those who want to be inspired and motivated whilst being part of a uniquely entertaining experience. It doesn’t matter what background you come from as long as you are willing to learn and have fun in an open and friendly environment.

As well as giving you the chance to enjoy inspirational films, these events are designed to unlock your understanding and highlight lessons that you can use to help you to manage your time and balance your everyday life.

At each event:

  • Sit back, relax and enjoy a full screening of the movie
  • Next up will be a film related discussion where you will learn from the main themes in the  film
  • We will end with an opportunity for you to network with the audience and chat with our exhibitors

Are You Ready To Put Yourself  In The Picture?

This event is perfect for anyone who wants to be inspired and motivated whilst being part of a uniquely entertaining experience. It doesn’t matter what background you come from as long as you are willing to learn and have fun in an open and friendly environment.

See you at the movies!

Film Feedback

“Yet again you have outdone yourself! The film was extremely powerful in how it portrayed the events of a time not so long ago. It was truly moving and thought provoking and the discussion although some may have felt at times it went of track, to a large extent it heighten everyone’s awareness of the importance, of not taking our right and freedom to vote lightly. Unfortunately some do not take the opportunity to utilise this hard fought  for right. I do hope the film continues to stir discussion that leads to action and not complacency, given what the film reminded us and showed how many died so that now have the freedoms that are often taken for granted.” Loreen

“I thought it was a fantastic event. The evening flowed smoothly, reflecting the planning process that must have been in place. I really enjoyed being part of the panel discussion afterwards. I would personally like to see more of these events here. Thank you for including Bristol on your ‘tour’!! Job well done.” Primrose 

“Thank you SO much for arranging the screening. I’ve told everyone I’ve seen since Friday that they need to see the film. I found it incredibly moving and inspirational.” Emma

“Thank you 🙂 Loved the film. Very thought-provoking and, sadly, still very relevant today – not just for discrimination on the grounds of racism but also other things – sexual orientation, mental health etc. As mum to an adult with severe learning disabilities, I take a very much human rights approach to thinking about her life and what I can & should make happen for her. MLK’s story was inspirational. I enjoyed hearing the students discuss the film in Manchester.” Kate

“Selma was an inspirational movie, I was moved by the courage & bravery of characters depicted in their fight for their right to vote. It made me consider  what part I was likely to have played had I lived in that time…I am of the opinion that the clients I work with as well as individuals from all backgrounds in the community would benefit from seeing this movie…I am still reflecting on what I can do individually or with others  to make a postive impact and im encouraging others to attend and see it,  thank you for organising the preview, much appreciated.” Angela

“The event was very well organised, everyone was seated and staff taking the register were welcoming and friendly. Selma, was well written and the cinematography was fantastic.  I was reduced to tears with some scenes and felt that it conveyed the great responsibilities that Martin Luther King had at such a young age and the way he brought the community together. I was completely star struck when Les Brown appeared at the end of the film and felt very inspired by his brief presentation.  Seeing Les Brown was a dream come true…proving what I always say, when I say anything is possible. I look forward to any further screening and would like to thank you for putting this together.” Jackie
“I went to the Bristol screening and was absolutely bowled over by this superb film and thought provoking debate afterwards. We need more events like this and I thank you for bringing it to Bristol.” Angela

“Both my husband and I just wanted to thank you for the invite to see the film in Manchester!! We’ve never been to see a movie  followed by discussion and didn’t really know what to expect but now we think it would be great if there was a panel discussion after EVERY cinema movie :). I was totally gobsmacked how powerful the film was.” Doris 

“I attended the Birmingham presentation and sent the invite around on social media and notice boards. Myself & 8 friends came along & were surprised that we didn’t have to pay to watch the film,thank you for such unexpected kindness. I thought you hosted the evening well from start to finish.  The panel discussion was well hosted, with a good selection of speakers, demonstrating how inroads to media, politics and community empowerment/cohesion. The film moved me to tears, then anger, frustration, scare and finally immense gratitude. Such a wide spectrum of emotions, which is evidence of an amazing film. Great actors and well produced. The theme of oppression is as relevant today as at the time of Selma. I am a wheelchair user and appreciated how the accessibility of  the venue and noted that their was also a member of the panel with a disability. I like Marcia’s feedback, that showed how in touch she is with current issues and she is engaging at all the important levels. Good on her, she should be awarded for her work and zeal. Thank you for the opportunity to attend Selma. You did a great job. Much appreciated.” Ria

“I attended the Birmingham showing of SELMA. It was a truly an experience to be there and see so many I have not seen in while, but more importantly the showing of SELMA was inspirational as it educated me on a few incidents that happened at that time, such as the point when MLK about turned and did not continue with march although the Police was going to allow them to continue. I also did not know MLK had girlfriends outside of his marriage.   Other than that It was worth it and the discussions at the end was also interesting, maybe next time we should allow more time for the after film discussion. Well done to you and your team for putting this event on!” Ken

Thank you Natalie another great event. Keep up the excellent work it is appreciated.” Carol 

“Thank you very much for the opportunity of viewing the film. It was an excellent films which pushed all the button! Very powerful and emotional. It highlighted for me that the struggle has yet to be won; it will be a lifetime effort. The discussion which followed further highlighted how divided we are as a group of people. I don’t know what it will take to build our community (as black people) we are in so much pain that we fail to see the beauty within us and focus only on our weakness our deficits. All that remains for me to say is,  individually we must continue to make our contribution in our own little way as we have such diverse aspirations that sometimes trying to unite and go forward as one people is like pushing a rock up a hill. Some of us are too quick to judge our brothers/sisters who don’t share our perspective, and some  once we have achieve our goals, we forget where we are coming from, forgetting  that we need to serve the community. There is so much we need to address. I had a conversation with another woman raising issues such as, where are all the black men? Why are so many of our young people lack direction? And so forth. I look forward to more educational, inspirational and factual films and I was one who wasn’t aware of the story line.” Christine

“Thank YOU for the opportunity to attend the pre -viewing. I appreciate the  role you play in giving this film a platform and encouraging discourse.  I experienced a multitude of emotions throughout the film but most of all I am so proud that the people who worked so hard to bring this story to the world did so with such integrity and conviction. I think the film captured beautifully the emotion, the fear and at the same time the fearlessness and dignity of the people involved in such a bitter struggle. It’s not about Americans Versus Caribbeans we are ALL Africans taken from the continent to serve the Racist Agenda of greed and dehumanisation. The film was inspiring and thought -provoking, raising questions about the ‘missing element’ in our current political landscape where apathy and individualism characterize our approach to the injustices of our society. I was inspired by the courage and strength of conviction displayed by men women young and old who were prepared to die rather than live a life of oppression and servitude. I’m so glad i went to see and I will be taking my mother to see it as soon as it is released and telling everyone I speak to how good it is.” Ammana

“Thank you so much for arranging the screening of Selma.  The film was excellent, enjoyed by a wide range of people I know support films of this genre.  More of this type of thing in Bristol please.” Georgia

Thank you for the opportunity of watching Selma with my mum, and the added bonus of listening to and seeing Mr Les Brown. What an amazing surprise!!” Georgina

“It was a fantastic evening which my friends and I enjoyed so much and we do hope you will consider Bristol in any promo screenings in the future. Thanks once again for a fab evening.” Loraine

“I was at the screening of Selma at the Odeon Marble Arch in London, 26th January.What a fantastic film. Inspiring, and thought provoking, and a fantastic performance by David Oyelowo, and all the actors and actresses. The film stirred up a lot of emotions in me. I could really feel Annie’s (Oprah Winfrey) quiet determination when she tried to register to vote. I was really crying my eyes out in that scene where the trooper shot Jimmie Lee Jackson in the cafe, then Jimmie’s grandfather speaking in the hospital. Never mind the film not getting any Oscars. Soon we’ll have a global film awards event for our own African film makers, African actors and actresses, from the continent and the Diaspora. I had not been aware of you before now Natalie, and looked you up on the internet when I got home. I saw your lovely interview with Les Brown. For me, this event happened with perfect timing. I had left my ’toxic’ job in October 2014 with nothing else lined up and a couple of ideas for future work in my head. I felt really blessed then to have seen and heard Les Brown speak at the event. It was as if he was speaking directly to me! I’ve been watching his videos since then, so inspiring,and thankful to have such advice and wisdom. I heard about this event from someone else, so please do add me to your mailing list for future events. Finally, thank you so much for putting on this event. You did a fantastic job and I wish you much success in the future. Hopefully I will get the chance to say thank you to you in person one day.” Margaret
“Thank you for the opportunity to see the film. I thought the film was good and the acting suburb. It captured, for me, the struggles that we had then and that we have much to do now, globally to obtain justice. I thought the discussions were interesting. My question would have been is where is the ideology and have we lost the thirst for social justice? We the African and Caribbean have been at the forefront of fighting social justice, and many minority groups are in our debt for creating the opportunities for which they take for granted. However, while we were been the vanguards of social change we have got left behind in so many areas. I personally do not believe a black Prime Minster would change our lot if elected tomorrow in fact over the next two parliaments unless we create an ideology that fights against the cancer of racism which has contributed to the indebtedness of our people here and other countries. I do believe that we cannot this do on our own and as just as MLK, we need to reach out to bothers and sisters from all races that sympathies with a cause that will trigger the nations morals that will enable our race to flourish and contribute to the globally economy of the world that would follow principles of most governments to reduce poverty and for everyone to have the same opportunities. It cannot work any other way.” Derek

“Great, well organised event.  Well promoted with timely updates regarding change of venue and clarification of times.  Overall a good experience and I’d certainly go again.  Best of luck. Thank you!” Ola

“Firstly I want to thank you for the opportunity to attend the Time to Talk, Selma viewing. The film with inspiring emotional and overwhelming all at once. The group who attended the screening with me have been spurred into one action or another. However uppermost in my thanks is that of my thanks for your initial vision of Time to Talk. After the showing I went on to watch your interview with Stedman Graham and I’m about to seek out the book Identity. Whatever your intention when establishing your business know that you have inspired and triggered movement for at least me and I’m sure many more people. It seems the movie, meeting you and the noting of your accomplishments as a visionary entrepreneur, has converged at the right moment for me. I’m currently developing some work for young women and would very much like to discuss potential cross overs with you in the future. Thank you very much for your foresight, vision and diligence in pursuing this path. If you think I can in anyway help to support Time to Talk in Manchester, please let me know. I look forward to another riveting event.” Mandy

“Before anything else, I would like to thank you for the inviting me to your screening of ‘Selma’. It was a wonderful and very moving occasion, topped off by the inspirational talk given at the end by Les Brown. Very fitting and an excellent way for people to leave your event with a positive state of mind. Let me point out that your event came to my attention via a mutual friend, Lisa-Marie Carr, who happens to be my sister-in-law. I did introduce myself to the at the end, however with so many people hovering around, I doubt you would even remember me. I did say to you this was in fact the 4th time I had seen the film. My thoughts and views on ‘Selma’ has grown even stronger every time I have watched it. It is without question a stirring, monumental piece of work filled with outstanding performances, not least from Brit actor David Oyelowo as King, but I believe not enough voices give praise to the supporting cast. The film is told in such a superior way, technically and otherwise, that it is simply astounding what Ava DuVernay has achieved, especially with the ridiculously low budget of $20 million (the amount Hollywood would pay an A-lister actor to appear in a film!)  Whether the Oscar folks give her props or not, this talented woman has made history. No doubt, a statement has been made. A major film maker has emerged. I think what you do to help bring these film to the public is commendable and I look forward to attending more of your events.” Eon 

“Excellent potrayal of the human side of the legend and icon of Dr Martin Luther King. The  film was able to capture the essence of history and envoke thought of current activist issues. I definitely recommend this film to both black and white alike.” Samantha

Thank you so much for the opportunity to view Selma in London. It was an extraordinary film. At times I did struggle with the harsher scenes, but it really hit home to me what black people through, it was such a challenging time, yet they were so courageous and I am deeply inspired by them.  It was also a huge pleasure to meet Les Brown, he has become one of my mentors in my mind and that was a particularly pleasant surprise.  I had such a great evening, Thank You!” Nadia

It was wonderful Natalie. Thanks so much for hosting and setting this up. Inspirational film and great what you’re doing.” Tracy