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Supporting The Black Business Exhibition

Following a spiritual calling last year to encourage and inspire others, the founder of Associates For Seed Of Mustard, Angela Clarke, organised an exhibition for black businesses which took place in Coventry during October’s Black History Month. It was a successful event which saw over 30 varied businesses attend from across the country.

Angela is on a mission to inspire, encourage and highlight/raise the profile of black businesses/freelancers across the country. In addition, this platform offers the opportunity to network with other businesses and forge new relationships.

Angela’s motive behind organising the exhibition was to enable a platform which promotes and enlightens the drive, determination and resilience from adversity, to follow desires of being owners, freelancers or founders of a business, organisation or institute.

As part of her mission to encourage and inspire others, the exhibition enabled companies to:

• Strengthen unity, relationships and support between businesses
• Promote awareness of the varied black businesses in the country
• Inspire and encourage visitors to follow their own desires, by what they see

She succeeded in raising the awareness to others, no matter who, that we are part of a living, growing and strong affair. Through daunting times and possibly some distractions, we have not given up and today continue to establish ourselves and form part of a great people.

To finish off this special day, a formal dinner and dance ball was held.