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Headz Up Business – Women In Business Expo

On this week’s episode I talk with Pushpa Alexander from Headz Up at her fantastic event, Women In Business Expo.

Headz Up for Women provides women from all backgrounds and at all stages in their business career with support throughout the life & work cycle that directly and indirectly affects their daily lives. Headz Up for Women provides this by supporting and encouraging personal growth through a series of Women’s development workshops. These have been exclusively designed to deal with work, life issues facing women today.

Headz Up for Women Networking: Organise relaxed and enjoyable monthly business networking events to support Women within the work place and businesses run by women. Providing an excellent environment for opportunities to encourage, stimulate business growth and will positively promote you and your business. We also provide business support to Black and Asian Women experiencing additional challenges in the business environment. Headz Up for Women through specific events continue to explore the needs of this group and look at empowerment strategies through partnership working and the development of string networks.