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Your Energy Is Your Universe

While having a conversation with a friend we fell into the topic of emotions. Not that we’re behavioral scientist or anything like that. It was just one of those evenings where the vibe hits right between two souls. That and we were really excited over the giant pizza we got for 5 dollars. I guess unexpected discounts on Italian food cause the brain to operate philosophically. If only Socrates had Sal’s Pizzeria…Anyway, we spoke on the law of attraction. Just in case you’re unfamiliar, it basically states like energies are drawn to each other.  So if you were positive you would receive positive energy. And if you were negative you would of course be embraced by negativity.

I’m all about the law of attraction. Who doesn’t want more positivity in their life? One of the biggest challenges was to not dwell on things that haven’t worked out. It’s easy to fall into a whirlwind of negativity as soon as something goes wrong. Everyone has done “the list.” When I say “the list” I’m referring to that moment when one or more things go wrong and you start immediately naming everything that’s not working out. “My tire’s flat, I’m late, my coffee sucks, my mother didn’t hug me, etc.…” It sounds funny but it happens all too often.  Think about what you’re really doing though. Think of negativity like a wood stove. When you start your list it’s basically adding wood to the fire enhancing your mood. You may even start to look for less than favorable situations to add them to your list. It’s almost like you’re on a negative scavenger hunt with the goal of being as irritated as you can in one day. The worst part is you’re so focused on winning you lose sight of all the beautiful things in your life. It’s the weirdest thing but we all do it.

The challenge I pose to you is to stop the list dead in its tracks. The reality is things are going to go wrong. That’s life and there’s nothing you can do about it. However, you can control your emotions. Your day can either be a bad one, or a great one with a few mishaps here and there. The choice is yours. When you feel the list coming just switch gears and start naming things in your life that are going well. You will immediately start to feel better and see your situation in a different light.

Emotionally, I feel like people operate on either positive or negative frequencies. You’ve probably experienced this and haven’t known it. Let’s say you’re at work/school and a coworker/friend walks in with a great mood. You immediately start joking and laughing with each other. Unknowingly, you are meeting on a common frequency and adding energy to each other. Now let’s say you’re negative. Eventually, that ray of light you call a friend or coworker is going to decide that you’re not fulfilling his energy requirement and leave you alone. At this point you’re either going to remain wallowing in your own negativity pool or bond with someone else who is having a bad day. Now you’re complaining together for the remainder of your day. Sounds fun right? The saying isn’t a joke. Misery loves company.

I want to end by saying you are the creator and master of your day. It can be anything you want it to be regardless of what outside forces may come your way. Closed doors only lead to opportunity if you allow them to.  Take a deep breath, stay positive, and remember obstacles are never dead ends.


Carlos R. Wilson – A communications graduate. When he’s not in the gym training for his next race you can find him diligently working on new business ventures or his current one Crowns of Kings Apparel. www.crownsofkings.com