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TIME….Makes Us All Equal

Time is a valuable commodity which shouldn’t be used or abused without thought. A mother and daughter give their own personal view of this subject.

Sharon Warmington (Mother) is an entrepreneur who ‘packages’ individuals and organisations for success and who has successfully raised two children whilst following her dream through many difficulties. Olivia Hinds is Sharon’s teenage daughter who is half way through her first year at University and living away from home.

Together they are ‘MAD’ by name and by nature. Having a unique relationship, they are set to coach, mentor and guide thousands of Mothers and Daughters (MAD) in building their own unique and positive relationship because there is simply no better friendship to have, if you can get it right!

Sharon says…There is one thing in this world that is equal to all human beings and that’s time. We all get exactly the same time each day. It starts at 0.00 hours and ends at 23.59 but what I discovered many years ago was that it is entirely up to me, as an individual, how I spend that time. Even when I was employed, I still had time to plan my destiny and work that plan.

Get yourself a piece of paper and write 1-24 along the margin. Now block out the first 8 hours for sleep (nobody gets 8 hours sleep these days but work with me). Now block out another 8 hours for work (yeah, I’ve included the elusive lunch hour) and finally take another 4 hours to cover travel time, cooking at home and relaxing a bit. That totals 20 hours. What are you doing with the 4 hours you have left EVERY day?

Do you know how many books you could read to develop your mindset? Do you know you could use that time to do evening classes and learn a new skill? You could also start to make plans for your new business? Even an hour a day (that’s 7 hours per week) planning your work, then working your plan will move you from where you are, to where you want to be.

To claim back time with my children, I became self employed when they were both still very young and I’d recently divorced their father. It was tough but this flexibility allowed me to be there when they needed me whilst giving me the time to develop my business. Doing this has provided a positive role model for my children and showed them that you can step outside the box, take the risk and just go for it.

Olivia says…Imagine morning, let’s say around 8.00 am and knowing you still have 16 hours left of that day, to do whatever you have to do and whatever you want to do. Right in that moment, 16 hours seems like a lot of time but I’m sure that you, like me on occasion, get to the end of the day and ask yourself: “Why didn’t I get everything I wanted and had to do, done?”

Did you plan your day realistically? Were there any distractions? Did you underestimate or overestimate how long different things would take? Your answers to these questions, along with many others, will help you to make your own judgements on your time management and consequently, will motivate you to find solutions so that the next 24 hours are used more efficiently.

This is something that is learnt and developed over time. It takes time to gradually perfect something, unless you’re a magician.

I believe I learnt from simply watching my mother that the earlier you wake-up, the more time you have to do as much as you want and need to do. Don’t get me wrong, there will be times when you just want or need to relax and you can and should; it’s something that is necessary and is a way of recharging your batteries but eventually you’ll have to get up. Even if you stand still, time doesn’t.

Being at University and doing other extra- curriculum activities, such as; becoming a maths coach for teenagers, I find myself saying that infamous phrase: “so much to do, so little time”. However, I also remind myself that as long as I’m spending my time on things that are either growing me or making me happy, it is time well spent.