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Sacred Spaces: Discovering God’s Presence in the Little Things of Life

To this day my parents still live near the same place where they grew up. When we were young, an interesting event sometimes transpired. The family would be driving in the minivan when suddenly my dad would make a quick turn and then launch into a story about their first house just up the road on the left.

Seeing our parents excited – now sitting closer together in the minivan, and smiling at each other – made us feel even more secure. Without intending, we were guilty of tiptoeing on a Sacred Space.

We all have them – Sacred Spaces.

Every Christmas season, my wife and I return to our hometowns to spend with our families. For the last nine years, on New Year’s Day I slip away for a few hours and engage in a meaningful tradition. I head out to Lake Michigan with my Bible and journal in order to take a hike through the woods. On a particular sand dune overlooking a winter landscape, I sit and review my past entries from the previous year. In the process, I rediscover God’s faithfulness.

After reading, writing, questioning, and praying, I grab a handful of sand, representing the number of minutes in my upcoming year. I dedicate these minutes to God, asking him to lead and direct me.

Then I throw that same handful into the air, symbolically offering it back to God. The puff of sand flies freely into the air and then, after a moment, it disappears – just like our lives.

Excerpt taken from Your Secret Name by Kary Oberbrunner, published by Zondervan, available here via Amazon for $10.19 (ISBN:  978-0310285465).  More info www.yoursecretname.com