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Oprah – The Life You Want Weekend

I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend in Miami on my birthday in October and even though the rain came down it was a weekend of fun, laughter, inspiration and motivation.

Start each day anew. Live your calling. Believe in what you can, and will, become. Create the life you want. Thousands began their journey at this all-new, empowering weekend gathering. Not only did they see the possibilities of a new life . . . the life they wanted . . . they left empowered to take charge and make it happen.

On Fridays during Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend, Oprah took the stage in a profound, moving and intimate one-woman show. She brought her story and vision to life, creating a transformative journey for every person in the audience.

On Saturdays, Oprah unleashed that energy, leading a day-long gathering of thousands, with hand-picked “life trailblazers,” each of whom brought a unique power to connect, dig deep and open hearts and minds. From teaching to conversation to one-on-one connection, to music, laughter and breathtaking moments, Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend was an unforgettable life experience.

This was the fourth time I have travelled from the UK to the US to attend Oprah’s live events and I have to say it just gets better and better. You can’t help but be moved by the words of wisdom from Oprah and her experts and if you ever get the opportunity to attend – grab it with both hands!