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Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Congress (20-22 July 2012 – Switzerland)

An amazing event is taking place for the first time in Switzerland consisting of three days of congress, two night parties and fifteen life-improvement experts who will help you to learn valuable strategies and gain concrete tools in the areas of health and wealth. There will also be the opportunity to get involved in some great networking.

A unique opportunity to meet speakers from all around the world:

Allan Pease (Australia) – bestselling author known worldwide as “M. Body Language – will show how to sell yourself in the first 4 minutes.

Aude Zeller (Switzerland) – transgenerational psychoanalyst and psychotherapist in cell memory – will teach how to accompanying the baby’s desire to live.

Robert Allen (USA) – bestselling author of influential financial books –  will reveal how to create the kind of residual income streams that flow into your life 24 hours a day.

Chantal Vander Vorst (Belgium) – Managing Director and co-founder of the Neuro Cognitivism Institute – will reveal how to adapt to a constantly changing world.

Isabelle David (Canada) – President of I.D Com International and specialist in NLP – will show how the body can activate self-healing mechanisms of action by mental and unconscious subjective evocations.

George Swift (UK) – helps people to confront and manage fear in order to explode performance in all areas of life.

Paul Avins (UK) – Business Growth Coach – will teach you how to master the 4 critical components of a successful marketing campaign.

Marko Kozlowski (Canada) – leading expert on delegation and systems process engineering -will demonstrate how to build a business you aren’t allowed to work in for less than 72 hours and sell it within 2 years.

Simon Zutshi (UK) – “Property Magic”.

Joanna Martin (UK and Australia) – is widely regarded as a Lifestyle Design Specialist.

Hive Mind Events is a non-profit association, which selects and invites the best self-development coaches from around the world to share their knowledge, theory and hands-on experience. Our goal is to help people improve and live a happier, healthier and wealthier life. All funds raised are for future events.

Why this congress and what differs it from others?

  • first time in Switzerland, in 1 place in 3 days and 2 evenings meet 15 different speakers from all over the world: Allan Pease (Australia), Aude Zeller (Switzerland), Robert Allen (USA), Isabelle David (Canada), George Swift (UK), Chantal Vander Vorst (Belgium) and more…
  • acquire new skills and knowledge you can implement in your day-to-day life to reach your personal and professional goals
  • congress – “tasting menu”: participate, learn, try a lot and then choose which one you like the most and want to know more about during other seminars all over Switzerland with each speaker
  • to focus on work and business you need to be healthy and it’s also easier with family support; learn about not one but all three interconnected areas: business, health and relations
  • listen to men and women speakers as they have different approaches to life and different ways of how and what to do specifically to be happy, healthy and wealthy
  • understand work vs life balance, food quality vs quantity, financial freedom vs wealth, and learn how to defeat stress, use your brain to ease your pain, overcome troubles in raising children, deal with family secrets and communicate better
  • 2,000 participants – a huge network in 3 days and 2 evenings. Bring your business cards to be a part of it. And participate in the networking party on the first evening
  • congress in English with simultaneous interpretation into German and French

For more information, please visit www.hivemindevents.com and follow us facebook at http://www.facebook.com/HiveMindEventsAssociation