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Esther Community Resources

Esther Community Resources (ECR) is a charitable food bank network based in the West Midlands. ECR provides perishable and non-perishable foods, items such as toiletries, detergents and clothing. We work closely with homeless organisations, vulnerable adults, children and families who have found themselves in desperate need of help.

ECR has been operating for five years in six locations in Birmingham, Sandwell and Walsall. We have recently been awarded the Walsall Lord Mayor’s Medal for our volunteer efforts. In all, we help approximately 750 families per month. Since 2005, Marks and Spencer have been providing surplus and near sell-by date food and non-food items. For over 4 years, EAT and Pret A Manger have also been supplying us with sandwiches and nutritious meals.

We have no paid employees and rely solely on the charity of others. The number of beneficiaries of our service is projected to go above 1,000 families this winter. There are now 270 food banks in the UK providing food to 181,276 people, a 100% increase from 2011.

We treat our users as our highest priority, being sensitive to their current situation.  ECR has also developed a target based educational programme called “ ICAN”. This is geared to support young people who are disenfranchised within society, and also breaking the cycle of depravation. We are seeking £100,000 to enable the “ ICAN”  programme to be accessed throughout the wider communities and in hard to reach areas around the country.

We are happy to come and discuss with you how you can help and support this worthy cause. We ask that you please make a standing order of at least £5 per month to Esther Community Resources, a non-profit organisation, or donate on line by pay pal on our website www.esthercommunityresources.co.uk.

Donations above £25 per month will be remembered and highlighted in our annual report. If you are seeking extra levels of recognition we offer the opportunity of being listed as a donor online, selecting from our gift  pricing band list. (See attached information)  according to your affordability.  Please let us know if you would like your gift to remain anonymous.

We have also been nominated for the Queens Award (MBE) for our service to the community and have signed a contract with the Co-op to start collecting food from all the stores in the UK.