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Becoming A Talk Show Host/TV Presenter – How To Start Living The Career Of Your Dreams

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Published on October 14, 2010

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a talk show host/TV presenter? As you may have guessed, successfully developing a career in television is dependent on a combination of factors and it will rarely happen overnight. If you are truly motivated, however, and willing to put in the time to grow your skills and build a network of contacts within the industry, you will almost certainly reach your goal. This article will outline some of the key points to consider for you to start working towards your dream career of becoming a talk show host/TV presenter.

One of the advantages of becoming a host/presenter is that it doesn’t require any formal education. Depending on where you’re from, you may have noticed several courses that charge varying amounts – though, usually quite large – for this form of training. Ultimately, no course will guarantee you a career placement, and though it may look good on the CV, this is not going to be the determining factor in securing an audition or interview.

Successfully becoming a host/presenter is largely about having the right personality. There are not set guidelines for age or appearance, as there are literally thousands of TV networks around the globe and each are likely to be looking for someone that fits the unique requirements of their show. Producers will usually focus on a person’s confidence and energy as being of a higher importance. People who become successful presenters are also naturals at interacting with others and are not afraid to take part in activities, even at the risk of some minor humiliation in the process.

The path to becoming a host/presenter is largely amount of gaining practical experience and using this to put together a show reel. This can be as simple as talking on camera about your favourite bar or travel destination for about five minutes if your video makes it into the hands of the right producer. More commonly though, aspiring presenters start by doing volunteer work for community TV stations, and this can provide the benefit of some professional work samples as well as some small amount of exposure.

This can quickly evolve into paying work, as more and more of the right people begin to notice your talents. The secret to getting to this stage is to continue to develop your skills, and this can involve a combination of gaining confidence by speaking at public events or practicing journalism techniques before you’re able to get an audition. All of this will allow you to give more to a potential employer, which will result in many more job offers that can eventually develop into a full-time career.

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